Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chambaka for click

The good thing about blogging is that you write whenever you want and pick up from whereever you left off. Over the past few months, something or the other has kept me from penning anything down, even though I have been eagerly following all my favourite blogs. My job got busier, went to India on a vacation, attended brother's wedding which was awesome, got busy again with work; then the dark clouds of job lay-offs hovered above our heads, but now the clouds are beginning to thin out and I see the sun coming out; analogous to how spring is finally here after a harsh cold winter.

And to celebrate spring, this month jugalbandi's lovely click event's theme is 'spring'. I am sending the following picture of a bunch of rose apple called "Jambaka/Chambaka" in malayalam. Its a crunchy, slightly sour fruit. My mother-in-law first introduced them to me as pickle and I could not guess what they were (since I had never had them before). Nevertheless, the pickle was yummy and I was having them with every meal. Later she took me to her sister's (Renu Elema) house to show me how the fruit actually looks. My mother in law is herself an ardent gardner and I'm showcasing shots I took from her garden on my recent trip to India. Enjoy!

Im also trying out this new look with my blog so hang in there, if it looks weird, know that I'm fixing it up!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Click Red: Marzipan Roses

This goes as my entry to Click for the lovely 'Red' theme. Its from when I made marzipan roses a while back!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flower Power Jihva Roundup

Wow, this Jihva has been so thrilling for me. I was intrigued with wonder with each and every entry. It was way beyond anything that I imagined. I got an entry for all the flowers I wanted to see the recipes of and much more. I want to sincerely thank all that sent in their beautiful entries, and to Indira for giving me the opportunity to host Jihva.

In alphabetical order of flowers, here are your flower power recipes:

Arugula :

From Jugalbandi: Arugula, Fennel and Orange Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Avaram Flower

From Choicest Healthy Recipes: Avaram Flower Extract
Banana Blossoms
My Food Blog: Spicy Banana BlossomsSeduce Your Tastebuds: Vaadhapoo Poriyal
Seduce your senses: Vaazhapoo VadaiCooking 4 All Seasons: Vazhapoo Vadai ~ Banana Blossoms Nuggets!
From Illatharasi: Hibiscus MilkFrom Ammalu's Kitchen: Bissap , made with edible hibiscus flowers
From Choicest Healthy Recipes: Power Syrup
Mallemaala: Rosa De Jamaica SaladFrom Curry Bazaar: Karkade (Hibiscus Cordial)

Mallemaala: Quinoa Jasmine UpmaMallemaala: Jasmine Tea
Kachnaar ki Kali (buds of St. Thomas's Tree)

Guest Post (Sadhna, Meera and Sunita): Kachnaar ki kali ki sabzi
From Tasty Palettes: Lavender chocolate pots de crème
From Jugalbandi: Lavender-infused Sugar and Honey
Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen: Victorian Era Lavendar CookiesYummy Food: Lavendar Ice CreamIndian Food Rocks: Lavender Mint tea

Soul Food: Lovely Lilies (Marzipan)
Neem Flower
Sukanya's Musings: Neem Flower ChutneyFrom Random Thoughts and Vegetarian Recipes: neemflower-rasam Paajaka Recipes: Neem flower riceFew Minute Wonders: Neem Flower Chutney

Orange Blossoms:

From Cooking From A to Z: Mango Yohgurt Icecream
Pumpkin Flowers
From Enjoy Indian Food: Pumpkin Flowers Subzi

Soul Food: Marzipan Roses
Soul Food: Rosy Ricotta Rasmalai
Asan Khana: Gulabi Sandesh
Cooking Station: Mix Veg and Fruit Juice with Rose Tea

Ahaar: Badam Halwa

Squash Blossoms
Evovling Tastes: Squash blossom and Basil Pakoras

Lovely Lilies

Some lovely Marzipan Lilies, while the Jihva roundup is being compiled....