Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seb aur Gaajar ka Murabba (Apple Preserve and Carrot Preserve)

Why is it that as we grow up, one by one, we start liking, in fact relishing, those very foods and dishes that we detested when we were younger? I remember I used to hate ginger when I was a child, I used to hate the chilliness and tingling sensation felt on the tongue, but now ginger in a dish just ranks it so much higher to other dishes... and I love Injipuli (ginger chutney) to bits. There was a time I used to hate cabbage and cauliflower, ooh I used to stay far away from them, but now... I loooove to have my cabbage thoran and coleslaw; and one of my favourite things is to have chilli gobhi dry(cauliflower). I wouldnt mind even plain gobhi aloo like the one musical made a while back. I remember I used to hate green pepper once but now cant live without it in my salad and on my pizza and sometimes in my pasta... All this makes me think I shud now try all the things I used to hate to eat before, maybe I'll like them!!

Why I'm going on like this is because recently I was given a plate of 'Seb ka Murrabba' (Apple Preserve) by my mum. Its good for me in the winter months she says (knowing that I had an cholecysectomy operation recently and should be having good and nutritous things to eat). I made a big pout since I didnt like the stuff (or so I thought) and hadn't eaten it for years, and hesitatingly put a piece in my mouth.

WOW, it was like the flood gates of a huge dam of yummy fruity syrup had been opened up in my mouth.

"huggle muggle duggle" I said to her with my mouth full.
"WHAT??" she said.
"This is so yummy, how do you make this mum?"

She told me and I was stunned beyond words at how easy it was to make and how yummy it was tasting! I couldnt figure one bit why I had disliked it before. My mum says traditionally murrabbas are typical winter preserves and very good for healing and for example 'Gaajar ka Murabba' (Carrot Preserve) is said to be good for improving eyesight. Also Murrabbas are said to have a warming effect (Taasir) on the body so they are good to have in the winter months. The best murraba to have is said to be 'Aamla ka Murabba', but we've never seen fresh Aamla here in Africa and I promised I would have it on my next trip to India. Murabbas should be had only two to three pieces at a time with a handful of blanched and peeled almonds. That is so probably because they are so sweet and satisfying that you can't have more than that in one sitting. So mum made whole bottles full of carrot and apple murrabbas for me and I relished them all through my sick leave and recovery time. To my surprise I did recover whithin a couple of weeks, and what beats me is how can a syrup cooked fruit and veggie help so much to heal? I couldnt understand it from the scientific point of view.. Like, why shouldn't I have raw apples and carrots? Does anybody know? And what else do you know about murrabas and syrup fruit preserves? Any information would be so welcome. Enough rambling and now and onto the recipe!

Seb ka Murraba (Apple Preserve)

Like all cooking with apple the best to use is Granny Smith apples (the green and slightly tangy ones)

1 kg - Apples
1 and 1/2 kg - sugar
5gms - citric acid (preservant)
750mls (3 cups) - water

Peel and deseeed the apples. Keep them in a bowl of water as you peel others so that they dont discolour. Quarter the apples.

Combine in a pot the sugar, citric acid and water to make a syrup. When the syrup comes to a rolling boil, put in the apples. Boil for 10 minutes.

Cool and bottle with blanched, peeled almonds.

Gaajar ka murraba (Carrot Preserve)

1 kg - Carrots
1/2 kg - sugar
5gms - citric acid (preservant)
250mls (1 cup) - water

Peel and chop the carrots into bite size chunks.

Use the sugar and water to make a syrup. When the syrup comes to a rolling boil, add the carrots. Boil for 20 minutes.

Cool down and refridgerate in the same pot. Repeat the procedure the next day at the same time (boiling for another 20 minutes). Repeat one more time the third day.

Cool and bottle with blanched, peeled almonds.


Richa said...

lovely pictures & recipe, i'm drooling just thinking about those murabba, would love to make it soon :) you are right on, amla murabba just can't be beat!
About our changing taste buds, i do not remember eating anything but alu & chole as a kid, now i look for new vegetables to try ;o)

Asha said...

Looks delicious.I love the combination of Carrots and Apples,I made chutney for toast with those!:)

bee said...

don't some people add chilli powder to the murabba?

Dumela said...

Richa - now cant wait to try the Amla murabba!!

Asha - hope you r not misunderstanding the post, the carrot and apple murrabas are separate recipes!

Bee - chilli powder? no... never heard of that...its supposed to be a sweet sweet thing...dont think chillies fit in.

musical said...

I agree with you, amla murabbas are yummy :) but gajar te seb murabbas are also great, what with the added badam! i love chilled murabbas :) so you must have my share too :).

Mallugirl said...

the only murrabba i have had is gooseberry. can i make it the same way as you described the rest?

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hay first time to ur blog.....U have a great set of recipes...All ur preserves are looking very nice...

Dumela said...

musical - thanks, will def have yur share too :)

mallugirl - is gooseberry called amla? I'm not sure how amla murraba is made.

Sukanya, hey welcome!!

Sia said...

my goodness... so many bottle of murabba? i am seriously drooling... i have seen some amlas in indian stores recently and gonna try my hand with amala murabba...its been ages since i had them...
thanks for ur generous comment in my blog dumela...i am glad to find ur blog:)

Dilip said...

great recipe...i love preserves and pickles...i also love the certain elements of fusion cooking...i will be visiting your blog often...thanks for passing by Garam Masala...thanks for sharing

Anita said...

It's been ages since I had murabbas - these look so good! Are you sure the whole lot is for you?! :-)

Amla murabbas are really great - they also involve an additional step, don't they? It was so long back that my mum made these that I cannot recall...

Rachna said...

dilipji - where are u these days

anita - this is how my mum makes the murrabas

Abajh said...

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