Monday, June 4, 2007

Trifle Green with avacado and kiwifruit

I love to make trifle for dessert when a small group of people are coming over or for a special treat. Its so easy to assemble and proves to be a hit with everybody. Usually I stick to a colour theme, and throw in fruits of the same colour. Sometimes seasonal fruits determine the colour of the trifle! Like when mangoes are in season, its Trifle yellow, and for peaches it Trifle orange and Trifle Pink with strawberries, and when there's no fruit around, then its chocolate all the way!! This time I decided to try green with avacado and kiwi specially for Meeta. It turned out yum, hope she likes it too!!!

what you need:

- 500gms of any sponge or madiera cake
- custard (vanilla) made out of 750ml of milk
- roughly chopped fresh fruit (here I used kiwi, pear and peach)
- 1 packet (50g) prepared fruit jelly (I've used green here)
- 250ml fresh cream
- 50gms icing sugar
- 1 ripe avacado peeled
- (preferrably) a nice glass trifle bowl or any glass bowl.

The amount of the ingredients above can be varied as some people would prefer more fruit as opposed to more custard or cake.

But the amount of ingredients above makes for around 20 people (when this is served for dessert!).

what you need to do:

Place, slices of cake at the bottom of the bowl. Pour in some milk to soften the sponge. Here you could easily use fruit juice, cream or liquor to soak the the cake slices.

Cover with a layer of custard. Custard can be prepared in advance (overnight) and used here. When preparing the custard, it can be coloured (with a few drops of green in our case) to go with the fruits too. I dont tend to use unnecessary artificial colouring so Ive just left it a creamy colour.

Throw in a layer of chopped fresh fruit. Really, we can put in any fruits here. Cover the fruits with a layer of fruit jelly. (Jelly usually has gelatin and vegetarians and can use the non-gelatin based fruit jelly that are made of agar-agar).

Repeat the layers of cake, custard, fruit and jelly. The thickness of the layers should be in relation to the height of the trifle bowl so that they all fit in. For example if the bowl has a short height, then put in thinner layers of everything.

For the top layer blend togethor the fresh cream, icing sugar and the avacado to get a lovely green fresh cream icing. The blending of cream with the sugar and avacado will thicken the cream in the process. Come to think of it, it would be great to ice a cake with this too.

Top the bowl with the yummy blend. Add in buttons of cherries, and serve chilled.

I'm taking this over to Meeta's big birthday bang, hope she likes this surprise and I get the bowl back licked clean!!!


Asha said...

Love the color Dumela.So pretty and recipe sounds and looks so good for summer day:)

Dumela said...

Thank you Asha, its even more yummier to eat than it looks, promise you!!

Meeta said...

Lovely. Now that does sound like a interesting combination. I thank you so much for coming over to party with me!!

Richa said...

hey, that's such a lovely color. and yup the trifle sure is easy to assemble and goes well at get-togethers :) the avocado cream must taste yum, loved the kiwi & avocado combo for the green, very interesting :)

Cynthia said...

Dumela, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind, complimentary remarks. I love having new people over and making new friends.

Trifle is one of my favourite desserts and I particularly like this twist on it with the green fruits. When I try it, I will definitely leave out the avacado though :) I want the avacado by itself with a sprinkling of salt and a fresh grind of black pepper.

Have added you to my feeds as well.

Dumela said...

Meeta - cant wait for the MM round up!

Richa - thank you!

Cynthia - thank you, avacado with salt and black pepper! never tried that... will do def

Sig said...

Dumela, that is a pretty trifle... Avocado and kiwi is an intersting combination, I'd have never thought of combining the two... I like your idea of color based combos :)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

This is very innovative.Loved the colors going on there.....Well im here for the first time.will visit very often hence forth.

Sharmi said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. you have so many beautiful recipes. have bookmarked some:)


musical said...

Lovely trifle, Dumela. Kiwi and Avocado sounds a yummo combination and the idea of color themed dishes really rocks! this one is a must try for me, dear.

Rachna said...

sig - thank u

dr. sowmya - please do

sharmi - thank u

musy - thank u