Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back with a click!

My Click entry: sunlight through my colander.

Wow, it isnt easy when you are shifting city, country, and continent, to a new city, new country and new life. Life changes totally and everyday is a new expirience. Moving from laid back Africa all the way to the US needs changing your gears up a notch or two. Of all the major changes I had to go through, the two main changes affecting me daily is the weather and the different taste of food.

I had always complained about never seeing snow in my life and never expiriencing the fluffy feathers falling from the sky. Finally the Gods had the biggest pillow fight ever and by now Ive seen myself ploughing through inches to get to my bus stop, waiting for the bus and getting buried in the falling snow - I know I looked like a snowman myself!! And expiriencing -18 degrees Celcius and the icy winds, really killed me!! How can it be so cold on our planet with the blazing sun as a nearby planet??? Which brings to mind all the coversion formulas from farenheit to celcuis and miles to kilometers you need to do in your head to make sense of all the measurements in this place!!! grrrrr

And food, yes, everything tastes 'different'. The daily morning and afternoon tea doesnt taste like it used to in Africa; I miss my 'five roses tea'!! And bread in the US is too sour and spongy, sugar isnt sweet enough, and milk tastes different too. And there's ten million varieties of whatever you want to have, anyway. The food labels are so comprehensive, my head is spinning by the time I go through all the nutritional info bits. And I'm wondering to myself....high fructose corn syrup....ooh ooh I'm not supposed to have that.....polyunsaturated, monounsaturated this 'n that...oh is that a trans fat???...uhhh whatever....... for now....
But then there are things I'm liking too like I love all the baby versions of veggies you get like baby carrots and baby broccoli and the fruits. Then there are all these new ingredients and foods I want to taste and cook with and try, the tortillas, the bagels, the doughnuts, and the local cheeses (quesa fresco) and the local veggies and fruits like persimons and kohlrabis. And all this means a lot more time spent on grocery shopping!

When life makes you so busy things like blogging take a back seat. Then there are things that lure you back on... like the cool blogging events that are happening in the blogosphere and also a special blogger friend who welcomed me to the US with a lovely parcel of aromatic ingredients, Musical from Musical's kitchen! I have this goody bag of yummy things which I will share with you all in my next post that Musy sent my way so i can start blogging again!. How sweet is that? Thanks so much dear. And not forgetting all those lovely bloggers who checked up on me while I was away. You guys are all so special to me!

Life, however, is slowly beginning to return to normal and there is sanity in my daily schedule. I want to start off my posts with a click entry to my favourite couple at Jugalbandi for their click metal event. Jay once clearly emphasized in one article, that you dont need a good camera to take a good shot, you just need creativity and vision. So the top pic of my favourite colander and all the other ones below I took with my, ahem, Nokia E70 cellphone. I hope I captured it with enough vision to make it to the spectra shortlist!!!!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some snowy shots of my new residence in Connecticut. Yenjoy!!