Friday, April 13, 2007

Cream Cheese Crackers

Hmm evening tea time is the most important meal of the day, ahem for me that is! Well, I could skip or rush though any meal of the day, but come 5pm I need my cuppa with a yummy snack. When I am super hungry I know I need to assemble something fast, and my fav thing is to spread some cream cheese or cottage cheese on some salty crackers and throw in some toppings, the results are always yummy and different every time!!!

you need:

salt crackers of any kind (as many as you want to make!)
cream cheese - (as much as you want to smother!!) seriously you just need enough to spread on the crackers, which is maybe half a teaspoon per cracker. Also there are different cream cheese variety available that adds more flavour to each cracker. Some typical flavours found are garlic, spring onion, chives, pepper, plain salted. you could add your choice of flavour to the tub of cream cheese too before using it, like finely chopped coriander.


anything really! Here Ive put a thin slice of tomato and thin slivers of cucumber and bellpeppers and topped it with a thin slice of cheddar cheese. Ive crushed come black pepper and sprinkled dried basil.

More tweaks:

You coud put a small blob of ketchup or green mint and coriander chutnet too. You can also experiment with different cheeses on top, try mozarrela instead of cheddar.My other favourite thing to spread on top is avocado salsa (which is just mashed avocado mixed with some lime juice and finelly chopped onion and tomato) which is just divine!! Sometimes I put one or two pearls of chick peas or red kiney beans. Really its about using your imagination here in combination with whatever is leftover in the fridge!

The most important thing: is to eat it as fast as its ready. Thats because you would have added so many wet ingredients on top of the cracker and you dont want it to go soggy at all. This time, I managed to take a quick picture before devouring them!! Enjoy and do let me know the toppings that you've tried so I can try them too!!!!


musical said...


Just saw your comment at Mahanandi. Saag is a very generic Punjabi term for leafy stuff: like saron da saag, palak da saag, chaulai da saag. Yes, if you say saag alone it usually refers to saron da saag, but cooked leafy vegetables are also refered to as "xyz" da saag. This usage is quite common in rural Punjab. Besides saron, we also use taramira, baathu etc, in the same season for making preparations similar to saron the saag, in the same season. So usually people would say the name of the green and saag. and i think what Indira meant was Chauli refering to the Punjabi name.

musical said...


Read your comment about Phunakni-thanks dear! i updated the post. i know Phunakni. but its more like pulaav than khichri (rice is still separate)and i have had it with chana daal, matar daal and chana also. and i love it! especially with wadis and pakodi raita :). whats your recipe for phunakni, plz share.

Dumela said...

musical, sure i will soon, thanks!!!

TBC said...

That's such a great snack!Pretty simple to put together too.

Rachna said...

TBC - yes!! welcome...