Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mooli patte ki bhurji

This is a typical punjabi dish and the burji leaves a unique bitterness in the mouth. Its typical of a mooli after taste and its really an acquired taste that comes after trying it several times. The first time I enjoyed it was when it was served with makki ki roti that was stuffed with grated white icicle mooli with a blob of white homemade butter and a huge glass of salt lassi at home by my mom. I closed my eyes and was instantly transported to a small farm settlement in punjab.

What you need

• Leaves of 6-8 radishes (preferrable white)
• 2 tbs mustard oil
• 1 tsp jeera (cumin) seeds
• 1 tsp ajwain (carum) seeds
• A pinch of hing (asafoetida)
• Salt and chilli powder to taste
• 1 tsp. amchoor or dry mango powder

Wash the leaves thouroughly, drain and chop finelly.
In a kadai (wok), heat the mustard oil and add the jeera, ajwain and hing.

When the seeds are slightly browned and leave an aroma, add the chopped leaves and saute.
The leaves will considerably reduce in qauntity as you cook.

When they are cooked, add salt and chilli powder to taste and amchoor powder.

Serve with raita and a hot phulka. This is my contribution to JFI: Green leafy vegetables by indira of mahanandi.


musical said...

Hey Dumela,

I love this bhurji. My recipe is almost the same except the hing. and i agree, this one doesn't taste the same without saron da tel. Goes so well with a hot paronthi and some chai. Ah! and this kind of bitterness (actually not bitter but kasaila in a spicy way) is more than welcome :)).

Indira said...

Hi Dumela,

Cooking with mooli leaves is a new thing for me, love to try this recipe.

Thanks for sharing and participating in JFI-WBB:Greens event with this lovely entry.

Dumela said...

haaa musical, kasaila is the word indeed! paronthi and chai is the best combo and goes with anything na.

DEEPA said...

mooli leaves ...something different ..very different recipe ..thks for sharing ...first time in ur blog ..

Dumela said...

Welcome deepa!

try it and let me kno, how it tasted?