Friday, September 29, 2006

Soul Food

Cooking has a therapeutic effect on me. When I'm tired, bored, frustrated or wanting to do something creative, I cook. Lucky hubby i hear you say, tabhi tho ....kha kha ke mote hote jaa rahe hai....!!

I attribute my cooking skills to my mum, although its my dad whose brought in the fine tuning and perfectioned touch to my recipes. And hubby dear, he's responsible for the quality and testing (mostly tasting) contribution to the food i make. I know how to bring him home early from office... I sms to him..."babe...shud I make aalo roti ya makki ki roti tonite???" "..makki ki for dinner....start making aalo ki coming early for tea...." he replies..

Enjoy, try out the recipes and lemme know if u liked them....

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